Sound Planning offers Acoustic Fence Consultancy services in accordance with WHO 2000; acoustic fencing could help to block and resolve community noise issues.

Benefits of an Acoustic Fence

  • Helps to reduce traffic noise
  • Serves as a noise blockade between you and the noisy neighbourhood
  • Minimises the noise coming from playgrounds, parks, yards or playing fields

WHO 2000 Guidelines for Community Noise

As the World Health Organisation suggests, the control for environmental noise has been hampered by insufficient knowledge of its effects on humans and of exposure-response relationships, as well as a lack of defined criteria.

About 40% of the population of the European Union countries is exposed to road traffic noise; about half of them are exposed to transport disturbances.

Community Noise

Other terms for community noise include:

  • Environmental noise
  • Residential noise
  • Domestic noise

The main sources of community noise include:

  • Road, rail and air traffic
  • Public works
  • Neighbourhood

Main indoor sources of noise include:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Office machines
  • Home appliances

Possible Effects of Community Noise

The effects of noise have the potential to create long-term health consequences – actions must be taken to limit and control exposure to community noise.

Note: The following data is gathered from the World Health Organisation, in accordance with the Guidelines on Community Noise.

Effects: May lead to:
Physical or Pathological Noise-induced hearing loss, hearing impairment
Physiological Startle and defence reaction leading to potential increase of blood pressure
Sensory Aural pain, ear discomfort, tinnitus
Interference with speech communication Reduction in intelligibility of conversation, radio, music, television and others
Sleep disturbance Difficulty in falling asleep, alterations in sleep rhythm, interrupted sleep
Psychological Headaches, fatigue, irritability
Performance Task performance distraction and reduced productivity
Annoyance Feeling of displeasure; noise impulses are more annoying than a steady noise (tolerances vary enormously)


These effects can be avoided through the installation of acoustic fences. Sound Planning specialises in different noise pollution solutions like acoustic enclosures, acoustic louvres, acoustic doors, acoustic screens, acoustic walls, acoustic floors, etc.

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