Why is there a growing need for acoustic consultants?

Noise is one of society’s fastest growing environmental problems – as population density increases, so does noise pollution. In urban areas in particular, noise pollution is posing a serious threat to quality of life.

Solving noise issues

Solving noise related issues requires a professional understanding of the situation. With a growing need for experts, Sound Planning provides an effective solution to all industrial, commercial and architectural noise problems.

For an acceptable resolution; it’s crucial to have an understanding of the noise source, the sound’s path and the people whose lives are affected by it – controlling excessive noise can be carried out at the source and on the sound path to protect people nearby.

Noise control solutions

Finding a technical solution to noise problems requires a good, up-to-date knowledge of acoustics. Our specialist team of qualified and experienced professionals can provide the perfect noise control solution for every structure, indoor or outdoor, whatever its size.

Vibration is a particular cause for concern and large machines must be designed so that wherever possible, they operate smoothly. In an industrial environment where electronic components in systems can be damaged by excessive vibration, it may be necessary to isolate any sensitive equipment to protect it from the vibrations.

Potential solutions for effective sound reduction measures include acoustic louvre doors, acoustic enclosures, acoustic louvres and acoustic screens.

Acoustic enclosures are designed to meet local authority noise reduction requirements and are suitable for many applications such as engine test rooms, industrial equipment, pumps, generators, plant rooms, AC units, chillers and fans.

Bespoke designs

Our engineers will discuss each installation’s individual requirements with the client, the local planning authority and the contractor before providing CAD drawings to aid the planning process. We can also assist with the whole design process, including changes and additional developments.

Sound Planning offers high quality bespoke enclosures to suit clients’ requirements – our high standards will ensure each bespoke enclosure looks as aesthetically pleasing or as industrial as you prefer. Bespoke enclosures, tailored to each client’s individual needs, can provide a solution to excessive noise in places such as control rooms, lifting and storage facilities, fuel tanks and systems, pumps and engines, etc.

Architectural acoustics

Acoustic consultants and designers deal with architectural as well as industrial acoustics – the sounds in and around buildings of all types. A good design will ensure the desirable sounds are efficiently distributed, while the undesirable sounds are eliminated.

Most people are aware of how vital it is to have good acoustics in theatres and concert halls or recording studios but now the focus is also falling on offices, factories, classrooms and even your own home to make sure it’s a satisfactory acoustic environment. This can be incorporated during the building’s design, which is more cost-effective than having to make changes at a later date.

Sectors affected by acoustics

As public awareness of the importance of good acoustics in buildings increases, so will the need for acoustic consultants and designers in all fields, including:

  • Commercial, industrial and environmental
  • Demolition and construction
  • Education, health and justice
  • Leisure, performing arts and entertainment
  • Noise nuisance cases
  • Planning and residential
  • Transportation
  • Sound insulation testing

Convenient installations

Proficient in our duties, we carry out all installations with as little disruption as possible; carrying out site surveys before the installation of bespoke enclosures to ascertain how the machinery operates and to highlight any maintenance that will be required to complete the installation.

Sound Planning services are available overnight, at weekends, during operation shut-down periods and during maintenance – to ensure maximum benefits, with minimum disruption.


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