Typical Applications for Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures are acoustic chambers, acoustic barriers/screens, sound insulation barriers and noise enclosures that minimise or attenuate noise.

To protect the health and wellbeing of employees and to avoid possible noise nuisance to neighbouring properties, acoustic enclosures are typically used in industrial environments to prevent machinery noise and reverberation from exceeding the statutory limit.

The enclosures reduce noise pollution from plants and equipment, while ensuring the site continues to operate at maximum efficiency. Careful sound planning will enable the plant to operate without incurring financial penalties for exceeding the legal noise limit.


Reduce noise nuisance

Made of acoustic or acoustical materials, acoustic enclosures will reduce noise nuisance from sources such as pumps, AC units, chillers, generators, engine test rooms, plant rooms, fans and various other types of industrial equipment – through sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration isolation and vibration dampening.

Bespoke acoustic enclosures can be designed for all kinds of production machinery and tools, ensuring easy accessibility for people using and maintaining the equipment. Designs can take into account the equipment cooling needs, operator comfort and lighting. Some enclosures are specifically designed to reduce sounds that are of frequencies to which humans are most sensitive, while others are made to attenuate noise at frequencies that might interfere with critical measurements or high-precision manufacturing processes.

Enclosures are designed to meet local authority and client noise reduction targets and they are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications – featuring acoustic panels and doors for servicing access. Secure and tamperproof, they significantly reduce noise while facilitating adequate airflow.


Typical applications

Types of equipment that commonly benefit from acoustic enclosures include:

  • External condenser units and air source heat pumps associated with air conditioning systems
  • Horizontal balancing machines that are widely used in the aerospace industry
  • Needle loom machines that make a characteristic “drumming” noise
  • Compressors and generators requiring sound isolation enclosures
  • Diesel and gas generators
  • Personnel noise shelters to protect staff working in a noisy environment
  • Soundproof observation or control rooms and offices
  • Test cells to protect engineers from the noise caused by production line testing

Acoustic enclosures feature sound absorptive panels that prevent noise build-up and reverberation inside buildings. They can be attached to walls or they can be hung from the ceiling as baffles.



Other features can include single or double louvre service doors, access panels, solid acoustic panel doors, high performance exhaust air attenuators and weather louvres or cowls. Air source heat pump enclosures feature high performance vertical exhaust or horizontal exhaust air attenuators.

For the purpose of monitoring production lines and manufacturing processes, acoustic windows give visual access at a safe distance from noisy equipment and machinery.


Sound Planning specialises in noise control products and strategies. For further information or advice on bespoke acoustic enclosures or any other noise control measures, please contact our experienced acoustic consultants.


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