The Ivy – Covent Garden

In the heart of Covent Garden, famous London restaurant, The Ivy, is marking its centenary with a whole year of 100th birthday celebrations.

Situated off Charing Cross Road, the venue has welcomed the biggest stars of stage and screen over the decades – including Noël Coward, Sir John Gielgud, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Benedict Cumberbatch, to name but a few.

Kylie Minogue has performed an acoustic set there and in the 1990s, Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford were regular diners during a film festival week. When Wimbledon took place at the same time as a film event, the diners in just one evening included Andre Agassi, Meryl Streep, Whoopi Goldberg and Danny DeVito!


Early years

Opened by Abele Giandolini and Maitre d’ Mario Gallati in West Street in 1917, The Ivy started life as an Italian café. Frequented by the theatrical community, this was possibly due to it being in the heart of the West End and its late opening hours. Furnished simply with lino floors and with only two waitresses, it didn’t have an alcohol licence in the early days. By 1929, however, the restaurant had already expanded due to its immense popularity.

In 1950, Giandellini sold the restaurant to Bernard Walsh and it became part of his Wheeler’s group. It had several owners until it was taken over by Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, who relaunched The Ivy in 1990. It continued to attract stars from the world of Hollywood, television, music and sport.


Current day

Since 2005, when the restaurant empire Le Caprice Holdings took over, The Ivy has been owned and run by British businessman, Richard Caring. He and director, Fernando Peire have turned 2017 into an ongoing 100th birthday party. At a ceremony attended by actors Jack Fox, Samantha Barks and Academy Award nominee Miranda Richardson (who is a regular at The Ivy), a plaque was unveiled to mark the start of centenary year.

To mark the occasion, a new dessert called A Window to The Ivy has also been created. Made from chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse and a cherry centre, it’s designed to resemble the restaurant’s famous diamond-mullioned windows. There’s also a new cocktail menu called The Centennial Twist, a new set menu and a limited-edition centenary chocolate box.

A centenary season of Late Nights at The Ivy will be launched in the autumn, featuring its famous A La Carte menu and a live show afterwards from a performer from London’s musical theatre scene.

With its modern artworks, finest table linen, subtle gas lightning, triangular bar and unique design which divides the dining area into cosy nooks to provide a feeling of intimacy for diners, The Ivy’s classic, high-end and distinctive décor is also legendary.


The Ivy Market Grill

Located on nearby Henrietta Street, The Ivy Market Grill is an offshoot of The Ivy. Bringing the luxury of its parent restaurant into a high-quality all-day diner, it enjoys a terrace overlooking the piazza. Diners are invited to tuck into delicious cuisine and sip speciality cocktails from breakfast-time until late in the day.

The Ivy Market Grill is located in a mixed commercial and residential location. When the restaurant was looking to install a kitchen extract and external mechanical plant on its roof, with air conditioning and extraction systems, an assessment of the potential noise impact on neighbours was required in accordance with regulations put in place by the local authority, Westminster City Council.

After a background noise assessment was carried out, Sound Planning was required to use the resulting data as a reference in our subsequent noise impact calculations. The results revealed that the lowest recorded background noise levels for noise-sensitive receivers overlooking the building services plant were 49dB (day) and 45dB (night).

The recorded noise levels from the Ivy Market Grill’s equipment were as follows:

  • Helios extract fan case break-out: 64dB(A)
  • Helios extract fan in duct: 92dB(A)
  • Daikin basement condensing unit: 63dB(A)
  • Daikin ground floor condensing unit: 65dB(A)
  • Daikin kitchen condensing unit: 62dB(A)

The distance between the units and the nearest residential windows ranged from 2m to 26m. Sound Planning calculated that a noise reduction of 34dB at the near side of Southampton Street and of 31dB at the residential terrace area was required to meet the target levels.

Our noise mitigation strategy to reduce the noise levels to within the mandatory level specified by Westminster City Council included:

  • 2 x 35%FA x 2400mm (L) Attenuator
  • 2 x AcoustiShield L10 – Duct Wrap
  • Acoustic Panel Enclosure 50mm
  • 33%FA x 600mm (L) Attenuator
  • 3 x QuietBox VE (enclosure)

A noise impact study concluded that noise emission levels for the proposed plant exceeded Westminster’s target noise levels at the nearest noise sensitive receivers and subsequently, we calculated these noise mitigation measures in order to achieve the target noise levels at the nearest noise-sensitive receivers.


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