Benefits & Applications of Acoustic Louvres

In various locations and across many industries, acoustic louvres provide a solution to noise pollution from sources such as industrial plants and machinery.

Typically used to prevent noise nuisance in ventilation, heating and air conditioning applications that are prevalent in plant rooms, acoustic enclosures and vents, this provides attenuation (noise reduction) while maintaining the required air flow.



  • Building openings to reduce airborne noise while allowing airflow
  • Screens around mechanical plants where the equipment requires airflow
  • Controlling mechanical fan noise
  • Plant rooms
  • General ventilation
  • Acoustic screening
  • Air conditioning
  • Boiler rooms
  • Plant cooling towers


Types of acoustic louvres

Noise reducing acoustic louvre door systems are commonly used to provide access to plant rooms. Measuring 150mm to 300mm in depth and with heavy-duty hinges on either side, they are supplied with lockable hardware and a box section frame – a bird guard mesh also comes as standard.

Acoustic louvre screens effectively reduce noise by creating an alternative path for the noise source going to the receiver. Applications can include AC plant screens, chiller screens and generator screens. Acoustic infill materials help to reduce noise levels.


The benefits of acoustic louvres are multiple. Not only do they reduce noise levels, they also provide good ventilation and offer protection against the outside elements.

By ensuring noise levels in the workplace remain within the legal requirements, this protects employees from potential damage to their hearing and enables them to work in a comfortable environment. Louvres also play a significant role in protecting neighbours from noise nuisance caused by industrial equipment.

Different construction options mean that standard units can be installed in building work openings, while bespoke units can also be manufactured to suit a range of different requirements, as specified by the client.

Our acoustic louvres can be supplied in a variety of finishes including pre-finished galvanised sheet steel, plastisol, aluminium, anodised (aluminium only) or polyester powder paint in BS or RAL colours. This means the louvres can be finished to suit the specific requirements and aesthetics of their environment.


Acoustic performance

It’s crucial to determine the required acoustic performance before an acoustic louvre is selected – Sound Planning offers full noise reduction calculation services in addition to installation services. The acoustic performance of our range of acoustic louvres is based on Sound Reduction Index tests in accordance with British Standards – the Sound Reduction Index is a set of values measured by specific test methods to determine the amount of sound that will be stopped by the material, panel or partition. Once the noise reduction calculations have been completed, it is then possible to determine the acoustic louvre that is most suitable for the specific application.

Sound Planning supplies and installs acoustic louvres for a full range of applications. As specialists in noise control products and strategies, our experienced acoustic consultants will be happy to provide any further information and advice on bespoke acoustic louvres or any other noise control measures.


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