Professional acoustic engineers help control and manage noise and vibrations in and around the home, workplace and other environments. Using their extensive training and specialised skillset, they provide effective solutions to common architectural, industrial and commercial noise problems.

With industry relative degrees and as full members of the Institute of Acoustics, Sound Planning engineers have been providing solutions to noise problems since October 2007, utilising the correct products and resources to address clients’ concerns with our fully qualified and experienced team. No matter what the size and location of the structure, our acoustic engineers will find the perfect noise control solution for every construction.

Noise and vibration consultant and Sound Planning founder, Dan Thomas specialises in acoustic reports for local planning authorities. Since founding Sound Planning, he has conducted more than 500 noise and vibration assessments all over the UK.

Specialist areas include:

  • Industrial and Commercial Noise Sources in Residential and Noise Sensitive Areas (BS 4142)
  • Acoustic Enclosure and Plant Room Design
  • Noise Assessment of New Dwellings near Sources of Noise (PPG24)
  • Equipment Sound Power Levels BS 3740
  • Vibration Assessments (Human and Structural Response) BS 6472 and BS 7385
  • Noise Mitigation Strategies

Sound Planning is qualified to carry out noise assessments on buildings to ensure they comply with building regulations; we can check noise levels to make sure they are within the legal limits; find ways of reducing noise and vibrations in the workplace; explore the effects of sound vibration on structures and machinery; and test how a building’s design will affect sound levels and quality.

We are also qualified to provide specialist advice in legal cases and produce reports for clients, making recommendations for action.

Please contact us for further details about our services.

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