With effective sound minimising benefits Sound Planning designs, supplies and installs acoustic enclosures for:

  • Pumps
  • Chillers
  • Engine test rooms
  • AC units
  • Industrial equipment
  • Generators
  • Fans
  • Plant rooms
QuietBox VE Bedford (after)

Acoustic Enclosure Benefits

Designed to meet client and local authority noise reduction targets, the features of an Acoustic Enclosure include:

  • Polyester powder painted to any standard BS or RAL colour
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Acoustic panels and doors for servicing access
  • Facilitates airflow as well as reducing noise
  • Secure and tamperproof
  • Full design installation services

Acoustic Enclosure Components

Acoustic enclosures help to reduce noise pollution from heavy plant work and machinery without affecting the efficiency of standard operations.

Main components:

  • Acoustic panels
  • Acoustic louvres
  • Attenuators
  • Acoustic doors/panels


Our Sample Work

Compressor & Generator Enclosures

compressor after
compressor before

Sound Isolation Enclosures for generators and compressors are designed to maximise noise reduction with features that include:

  • Acoustic louvre service doors (single/double)
  • Solid acoustic panel doors (single/double)
  • Access panels
  • Exhaust air attenuators (high performance)
  • Painted to BS or RAL
  • Weather louvres/cowls
  • Facilitates airflow


Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) Enclosures (Vertical Exhaust)

Heat Pump Before
Heat Pump After

Enclosures can be supplied with:

  • Front access panel
  • Intake air acoustic louvre
  • High performance vertical exhaust air attenuators
  • Painted to BS or RAL
  • Additional absorptive panels for improved performance


Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) Enclosures (Horizontal Exhaust)

ASHP Before
ASHP After

Enclosures can be supplied with:

  • Access panels front and side
  • High performance acoustic louvres
  • Painted to BS or RAL
  • Absorptive panels for reduced internal reverberation
  • Timber cladding (available on request)


Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure Design (90 Degree Exhaust Attenuator)

Daikin Before

Enclosure specification:

  • Bend exhaust attenuator with radius bend (height restriction)
  • High performance acoustic louvre air inlet
  • Painted to BS or RAL
  • Internal absorption panels for reduced internal reverberant build up


Air Compressor Acoustic Housing – Acoustic Plant Room

Compressor Before

Compressor After

Acoustic housing specification:

  • High performance acoustic louvre air inlet
  • Exhaust air attenuator (left hand side of enclosure)
  • Double access/service doors (lockable)
  • Painted to BS or RAL
  • Internal absorption
  • Roof with a fall back to front


Contact Us

For acoustic enclosure enquiries please call 01252 711972 or email us at enquiries@soundplanning.co.uk.

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