Conducted in accordance with the Institute of Acoustics’ (IOA) ‘Good Practice Guide on the Control of Noise from Pubs and Clubs’ Sound Planning offers an acoustic consultancy service that can assess entertainment noise.



Good Practice Guide on the Control of Noise from Pubs and Clubs

This applies to both internal and external noise events; it mostly targets entertainment venues that operate twice or more a week. The code also provides different suggested regulations depending on the recurrence of entertainment events and certain noise parameters.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), issues relating to Pubs and Clubs include:

  • Entertainment noise
  • Crowd noise
  • Noise coming from mechanical services equipment
  • Noise coming from deliveries

Entertainment Noise Assessments:

  • Background noise measurements (1/3 Octave)
  • Entertainment noise measurement or prediction (1/3 Octave)
  • Noise mitigation measures
  • Acoustic report

Contact Us

For acoustic consultancy services such as entertainment noise assessments, please call 01252 711972 or email us at enquiries@soundplanning.co.uk.


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