Acoustic Louvres for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Noise Solutions

Sound Planning supplies and installs acoustic louvres for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications in plantrooms, acoustic enclosures and vents.

Acoustic louvres provide attenuation (noise reduction) whilst maintaining required air flow, please call our engineers to assist in your acoustic louvre design queries.

  • Typically used in building openings, they reduce airborne noise while allowing continued airflow
  • They are also used as acoustic screens around mechanical plants where equipment requires airflow

Tested in the laboratory facilities at Salford University, which is accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), a Sound Reduction Index (SRI) for each louvre type can be published upon request.

Acoustic Louvre 1


  • Dummy sections, non-acoustic
  • Bird mesh on the rear of the louvre
  • Special fixing details, e.g. external/internal flanges
  • Different construction options:
    • standard units to be installed in building work openings
    • bespoke units to suit a wide range of different requirements
  • Provides good ventilation
  • Gives protection against the weather
  • Acoustic infill materials that help to reduce noise levels

Acoustic louvres can be supplied in five different depths (overall reductions):

  • 150mm (Rw 11dB) NR 17dB
  • 270mm (Rw 12dB) NR 18dB
  • 300mm (Rw 14dB) NR 20dB
  • 300mm (Rw 16dB) NR 22dB
  • 540mm (Rw 22dB) NR 28dB

Acoustic Panels (overall reductions):

  • 50mm (Rw 32dB) NR 38dB
  • 100mm (Rw 34dB) NR 40dB

Units can be supplied in a variety of finishes to suit the application:

  • Pre-finished galvanised sheet steel or aluminium
  • Polyester powder paint (RAL or BS colours)
  • Plastisol
  • Anodised (aluminium only)


The standard acoustic louvre models are classified into two types:

  • Type R
    • Pressure drop: normal
    • Acoustic performance: optimum
  • Type LP
    • Pressure drop: minimum
    • Acoustic performance: normal


Acoustic Louvre Doors


Our acoustic louvre door systems provide access to plant rooms, reducing noise levels by 17dB to 22dB. They are supplied with:

  • Lockable hardware
  • 150mm to 300mm depth
  • Box section frame
  • Painted in RAL or BS
  • Hinged on either side
  • Installation services
  • Noise calculation services

Acoustic Louvre Screens


Acoustic louvre screens reduce noise by creating a different path for the noise source going to the receiver.

  • AC plant screens
  • Generator screens
  • Chiller screens

Other Services

  • Noise reduction calculation services
  • Full installation
  • CAD drawings

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