Noise Impact Assessments & Acoustic Enclosures

Planning Policy Guidance 24 (PPG24) has now been superseded by the National Planning Policy Framework 2012.

However, PPG24 remains in use by many Local Authorities due to the useful noise exposure categories presented within the guidance.

Generally, when new dwellings are brought to a source of noise (road, rail or air traffic) the existing noise climate should be determined and a suitable noise insulation scheme designed to achieve the internal design criteria stipulated with BS 8233: 2014.

Sound Planning uses UKAS calibrated Type 1 sound level meters with real time octave and one third octave band capability to rigorously calculate the performance required from the proposed building fabric.

Our acoustic consultants issue full acoustic reports detailing the existing noise climate and the materials/products required to achieve the internal noise targets i.e. glazing, ventilation, wall and ceiling/roof structure.

Noise Assessment Procedure:

  • Extended Environmental Noise (and Vibration) Measurements
  • Noise Calculations - Internal Noise Level Targets (BS 8233: 2014)
  • Noise Calculations - Noise Insulation Scheme Requirements
  • Full Acoustic Report
  • Liaison with Local Planning Authority (or Environmental Health) if required.

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